The venerable Club Saint-Denis building now has a new lease on life as home to Collège Proaction

After 135 years, the prestigious Club Saint-Denis closed its doors in 2009. Instead of left to languish, the building where the French-speaking business elite once congregated is now home to Collège Proaction.

Created by the management of Proaction International, a leader in productivity management, Collège Proaction offers a high-calibre program for training future elite managers, primarily through hands-on learning.

The students in the first cohort, which will start on January 14, will benefit from a unique learning experience provided by experienced teachers. Only 20% of class time will be devoted to theory: instead, teachers will students to master theory, appropriate it and apply it. The College’s management has a mission to use its tools and expertise to provide personalized training to each student, according to their academic and professional background. The primary aim is not for students to assimilate management theory but rather to combine their personal knowledge with what they learn from the College’s teachers and to subsequently put it into practice.

Collège Proaction thus enables students to develop their leadership abilities to their fullest potential and to quickly improve their management skills; it acts as a management simulator.

With questions being raised about the new generation of managers and its impact on our economy, Collège Proaction’s program fills a gap that exists in Quebec’s teaching institutions. While there are programs training accountants, nurses, lawyers and engineers, none of these really train supervisors or managers who can manage Quebec’s companies. Collège Proaction trains high-calibre managers to meet this need.