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The team

Proaction International is first and foremost a team of more than 150 professionals. Driven by a passion for people, for coaching managers and improving business models, the team is motivated by the creation of a more efficient world.


Benoit Turcotte, Vice president operations Europe
Christophe Cren, Vice president business development & analysis Europe
Kenneth Ralph, Vice president operations Canada and United States
Martin Vallée, Vice president operations Québec
Michelle Grenier, Vice president organizational development
Paola Mara, Vice president corporate development
Sylvie Bissonnette, Executive Vice President Proaction Technologies

Board of Directors

Françoise Bertrand

Renaud Caron
Vice President

External members

Sylvain Corbeil
Senior Vice President, TD

Normand Chouinard
Executive vice-president Investments, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

The partners

Denis Lefebvre

President and CEO
Proaction International

Antoine Drapeau-Perreault

President and General Manager

Jean-Philippe Raiche

President and General Manager

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