Quebec shines abroad

Proaction International exports its know-how successfully

Proaction International lets Quebec talent shine abroad by exporting its expertise overseas, particularly in Europe. Since the end of 2009, the expertise of the firm, specializing in performance improvement, has been highly sought after by many clients on the other side of the ocean, having heard of the phenomenal success generated on multiple projects completed by the Montreal firm.

Since 2004, Proaction International has worked to improve human resource management and productivity. More than 300 improvement projects were completed in Canada, the United States, Algeria, Morocco, and in France as well as several other European countries like Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal and Poland. Proaction International has also analyzed more than 600 companies, organizations and health and social service centers in the world and has more than 700,000 hours of consulting under its belt. The success of projects led by Proaction International helped clients save over half a billion dollars and certified more than 4,000 managers worldwide.

In Europe

With the signing of a 29th and 30th project with the Bonduelle Group, Proaction International continues to export its expertise to other continents. The world leader in ready-to-serve vegetables with annual sales close to 2 billion euros, Bonduelle, which has 58 manufacturing sites worldwide, continues its partnership with the Quebec firm which started over 7 years ago. The European division of Proaction International has also signed a major contract with Smurfit Kappa Group, the world leader in paper-based packaging. Smurfit Kappa employs 41,000 people across 32 countries with revenues of 7.3 billion euros. Included in the list of new European clients are the LDC Group, ISS L&P, Seyfert Paper, Ugitech, Le Groupe Compte R and AHG.

Consulting revenues from Proaction Europe reached well over 15 million euros in the last 3 years.

We are very proud of the progress we’ve made. With each project, we create wealth for our clients and their employees. The future is bright and our ambitions reflect the success we have generated for the past 10 years. We are motivated by creating a better world, said Denis Lefebvre, President and CEO of Proaction International.

In North America

Quebec is no exception. After 4 major improvement projects in 2011 and 2012 with Olymel, Proaction signed another four new major projects with this group. Olymel employs over 10 000 people in 18 processing plants with revenues of over 2 billion dollars. Another major group in Quebec has also entrusted Proaction with a 10th major project: Kruger, with 65 locations in North America. Quebecor, Cargill, Aisin, RTI Claro, Valero, Kerry, Lassonde and Lauzon Group to name a few, are also part of the growing list of new Canadian customers.

In addition to the 20 projects currently underway in Quebec and 2 in Ontario, Proaction International is analyzing five new businesses in Ontario. These 5 business analyses will soon transform into tangible projects in our neighboring province and will be added to the repertoire of current projects in the English market, including Washington and New Orleans.