Proaction International head office

In 2012, Proaction International acquires the Club Saint-Denis building and transforms it to reflect a new era.

History of the Club Saint-Denis

Founded in April 1874, the Saint-Denis Club moved into its Sherbrooke Street premises, a prestigious street of the famous Golden Square Mile in Montreal, which includes the richest and therefore the economic power across the country. Over the years, this private French club hosted a large number of thinkers, decision makers and builders of Quebec society. After 135 years of business the club closes its doors and gives way to Proaction International.

Works of art collection

Proaction International has encouraged visual art for many years. The collection consists of 219 paintings by national and international artists such as Corno, Louis Seize, Nerbonne, Niko, Zilon, Benoualid, Lavoie, Gaudette, Saint-Laurent, and Claes Bocaert.

Of the 219 paintings, 29 are signed by Dominic Besner. His paintings have been inspired by his early education in architecture, by the great masters of painting whom he holds as models and by the encounters he has made in the back streets of Montreal. His paintings show a playful yet insistent gaze upon the world which surrounds us. Besner has also been profoundly marked by the ravages of the body as well as by that which in the body is the most striking as an object of contemplation and reflection. Besner creates characters that bear traces of the past, who sometimes seem to be mere shadows of themselves, yet who confront their destiny to the very end.


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