Proaction International expands to the United States

Leader in performance management for the last 10 years, Proaction International is starting its second decade with a 100% growth forecast for the next two years. It is in the United States that growth will be strongest and to ensure its development, Proaction USA  moves into its new headquarters in the financial district of Miami, Florida.

Since 2004, Proaction International has worked to improve human resource management and productivity. More than 360 improvement projects were completed in Canada, the United States, Algeria, Morocco, and in France as well as several other European countries like Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands and Poland. Proaction International has also analyzed more than 725 companies, organizations and health and social service centers in the world and has more than 775,000 hours of consulting under its belt. The success of projects led by Proaction International helped clients save over half a billion dollars and certified more than 5,000 managers worldwide.

In the United States

Proaction International continues the implementation of Proaction USA. After completing projects in New-Orleans, Louisiana and in Washington, Missouri, Proaction has started a project in Fremont, California. Over the coming weeks, projects’ starts are planned in Salt Lake City-Utah, Cincinnati-Ohio, Jefferson City-Missouri, Centralia-Illinois and in Marshfield-Wisconsin.