Collège Proaction’s first graduating class

The 22 students in Collège Proaction’s first cohort were proud to take part in a festive graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 2.

Created by the management of Proaction International, a leader in productivity and human resources management, Collège Proaction offers a high-calibre program for training future managers, primarily through hands-on learning. The students feel they passed the challenge with flying colours.

The first cohort, which started in January, included students from a wide range of backgrounds. Entrepreneurs, management employees, the self-employed and aspiring managers attended classes four evenings a week for 15 weeks, where they were immersed in a world that was radically different from the traditional classroom context. They were challenged to continually question themselves, and each one said they had been transformed for the better, both personally and professionally, as a result of the process.

They students gave glowing reviews of their experience and their highly qualified and inspiring teachers. “I love school, and I’ve been studying in some form or another for the past 33 years. Collège Proaction gave me the most memorable and meaningful learning experience I’ve had so far. It didn’t just engage my brain and my ability to absorb theory, it engaged my emotions, my capabilities and my desire to excel, my openness to others, and the ease with which I can land on my feet. It’s an exercise that is both fun and demanding, both light and profound,” said Bibigi Haile. Valérie Touchette, another member of the inaugural cohort, agreed: “It’s without a doubt one of the best academic and personal experiences I’ve had. It had nothing to do with traditional teaching. In fact, the approach is completely the opposite: they put us in situations without any prior notions or instructions, after which we shared our impressions and the management concepts to be applied in that case. It’s learning without a safety net.” 

While most of the students work during the day, they were able to quickly apply the newly acquired concepts.” In the space of a few months, I had the impression I was managing several companies through complex simulation exercises. I’m constantly making connections between my experience at the College and my professional life, and I’m convinced my customers benefit from it. At the same time, it gives me a competitive edge,” said Jean-Marc Paquin.

Collège Proaction is currently accepting applications from students for the September semester. Unlike the first session, which had only one group, the College will be welcoming 72 future elite managers, in three groups. The ground floor of the building that once housed the prestigious Club Saint-Denis will now serve as Proaction International’s head office, and the second floor will be occupied by the College starting in September.