Proaction International launches Proaction Performance

Proaction Performance was created to support SMEs in the Quebec Market. The approach used by Proaction Consulting Group with large companies has been adapted to SMEs to offer them the support needed for their growth, productivity and a better financial performance. Each program has a technological component with a web management application U-TRAKK designed and developed by Proaction Technologies. Training sessions also include coaching and a series of consulting hours. These programs enable SMEs to better manage their resources in order to fulfill their growth plan to become a solid large company.

The new company offers programs tailored to the size and budget of SMEs ranging from 25 to 75 employees:

  • manufacturing, service and distribution industry
  • government ministries and corporate organizations ministries
  • public services

Program costs range from $ 30,000 to $ 90,000, allowing each type and size of SMEs to find a suitable solution.