Proaction International’s approach

A process does not improve managers, it is rather the managers who improve these processes

At the heart of our philosophy is the idea that a process in itself does not improve managers. It is rather the managers who improve a process. That is why our methodology focuses on coaching first and second level managers, in order to raise companies and organizations to an unparalleled level of world class performance, or L5 Certification.

All elements of performance management are integrated into our approach:

  • reinforcement of the roles and responsibilities of managers
  • communication structure
  • management system
  • process optimization
  • mobilization of labour

Since its founding, Proaction International has been involved in hundreds of thousands of hours of field studies and has also accumulated performance data around these five axes. The extensive studies conducted provide excellent depth and validity to these benchmarks.


Our experts support teams with coaching and training, the optimization of their tools and processes, and also in digitalization, through the implementation of our UTrakk DMeS application that promotes good behavior in operations management.

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Our performance indices

Unique measurement indicators


The Management Skills Index measures a manager’s level of theoretical knowledge. The MSI targets 5 axes: knowledge: communication, supervision, execution, planning and continuous improvement.


The Personal Satisfaction Index measures a manager’s responsiveness to change as well as his/her learning capacity. It is defined in terms of four axes: self-esteem, confidence, physiological needs and fulfillment of personal potential in the workplace.


The Decisional Capacity Index measures organizational skills, decision making,prioritization and action plan development. The manager is thrown into a business case that requires him/her to reach a clear decision within a short timeframe in reference to particular business management issues.


The Active Supervision Index measures the time spent by a manager actively supervising, the most essential activity allowing a manager to fulfill his/her role in managing performance.


The Management Effectiveness Index measures the efficiency level or quality of active managerial supervision. Allows to identify the level of compliance, of follow-ups (format and content) as well as the manager ‘appropriation of the behaviour.


The Consideration Factors Index focuses on aspects of resource mobilization by measuring the amount of encouragement or recognition that a manager provides to employees.


The Orientation-Objectives Index measures the objectives, goals or expectations relative to tasks to accomplish that are communicated to employees by managers.


The Organizational Mobilization Index measures the level of employee engagement on six levers: communication, consideration, commitment, competence, accountability and vision. It also measures the importance allotted to each of these levers by employees.


Level 5 Certification is based on the overall results generated from the indices developed by Proaction International. A company led by a team of certified Level 5 managers, the highest skills level of management, where everyone is accountable for the results is certainly a more efficient and more profitable company.

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