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Who are we?

A leader in performance management, Proaction International is a consulting company which has several subsidiaries all aimed at improving the performance of individuals and organizations. With a very human approach, Proaction International’s philosophy has been proven since 2004 with hundreds of companies and several thousand individuals across three continents.


As a collective wealth creator, Proaction International aims to:

– identify talent
– highlight strenghts of individuals and organizations
– develop and hone skills
– stimulate change
– exceed expectations
– transform, surprise, inspire


Proaction International clients base consists of:

– SME, large companies and multinationals
– manufacturing, service and distribution industry
– government organizations
– ministries and public service agencies
– individuals motivated by performance
– individuals eager to achieve

A source of inspiration, a builder of long-term relationships, employer of choice and ideal symbol, Proaction International contributes to the improvement of the economy worldwide


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Adrenalys – Propelling successful Ontario businesses to the next level

Proaction International is a proud partner of Adrenalys.  For more information about Adrenalys ...

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Full house at the inaugural Sommet Performance 2016

On October 20 of this year at the Westin Hotel, Montreal, the Sommet Performance 2016 took place...

Visions and values

Our values are at the heart of our success and our development. They are a source of ongoing inspiration and reflection. Our uniqueness and our differences allow us to be recognized as a leader in performance improvement. Our values define who we are and guide our every action. We are inspired by the rigour, commitment, creativity, integrity and professionalism of exceptional beings we encounter. By our actions, we bring a human dimension to performance management.


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